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About Heymman Servers

Offering dedicated web hosting services since November 2011, Heymman Servers strives at providing individuals and small businesses the biggest bang for their buck. Specializing exclusively in high-powered dedicated servers rental, Heymman Servers provides cutting edge servers geared towards the most demanding online applications, virtualization platforms and high traffic websites, at a very competitive price point. We are software engineers, not business administration graduates, so we understand your needs and speak your language. If you can't find what you're looking for on this page, please contact us to have a custom solution designed to your needs.
New servers deployed with brand new, highest quality Supermicro, Samsung and Intel hardware only.
All servers include Supermicro's IPMI management interface (remote reboot, KVM & virtual media emulation).
Most servers are deployed under 8 hours, usually within minutes from ordering.
Two datacenter locations in Kansas City, Missouri, backed with UPS and diesel generators. Staffed 24/7.
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Network & Infrastructure

Heymman Servers operates from two datacenters in Kansas City, Missouri : Wholesale Internet datacenter and Joe's Datacenter. Being located in central U.S. provides our customers with low latency throughout all America, China (250-350ms) and Europe. We employ Hurricane Electric (HE) and Cogent as our backbones and also do private peering via the Kansas City Internet Exchange. Both facilities are staffed 24/7, utilize multiple edge and distribution switches to achieve 99.9% or better uptime and have diesel backup generators. We only use high-end Juniper access switches with our cabinets. All IP addresses are ARIN issued to us and can be SWIP'ed to your organization on request.

All our servers are deployed with Supermicro's IPMI management interface, allowing you to seamlessly manage your server, remotely, as if you were in front of it. The IPMI control panel allows you to remotely reboot your server, access a virtual terminal (with keyboard, video and mouse support (KVM)) as well as mount (emulate) virtual medias (ISOs).