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Soon opening a new location in Amsterdam, Netherlands !

About Heymman Servers

Since its inception in 2011, Heymman Servers has been designing and hosting, from two budget friendly datacenter facilities in Kansas City, custom web hosting solutions for small businesses around the world. Since 2017, our focus shifted from offering monolithic, high performance dedicated servers to offering attractively priced, preconfigured, all-purpose dedicated servers, still with cutting edge technology, from an ultra premium Amsterdam datacenter facility. Our leadership is composed of engineers specialized in IP networking and we are committed to offering you reliable, aggressively priced web hosting solutions.
All servers are deployed with brand new, highest quality Supermicro, Samsung, Crucial and Intel hardware only.
All servers include Supermicro's IPMI management interface, giving you total control over your dedicated server.
All pre-configured servers are provisioned under 12 hours from reception of your order and payment.
We are present in three locations : two in Kansas City, Missouri and one in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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Network & Infrastructure

Kansas City datacenters

Heymman Servers operates from two datacenters in Kansas City, Missouri : Joe's Datacenter (AS19969) and AccuservHost (formerly Wholesale Internet (AS32097)). Being located in central U.S. provides our customers with low latency throughout all America, China (250-350ms) and Europe. Both facilities purchase transit from Hurricane Electric (HE) and Cogent and also do peering via the Kansas City Internet Exchange. Although being considered as "budget" datacenter facilities, both are staffed 24/7, have diesel backup generators and utilize multiple edge and distribution switches to achieve 99.9% or better uptime. We only use high-end Juniper access switches and all our IP addresses were issued by ARIN to us.

Amsterdam datacenter

Since 2017, Heymman Servers is also present in one of Serverius' ultra premium datacenter facilities, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Serverius, the largest commercial datacenter operator in central Netherlands, operates two privately owned datacenter facilities of the highest possible quality. Their premium, 2N redundant network (AS50673) provides the lowest possible latency across Europe and Serverius has achieved a perfect 100% uptime since 2004. We only deploy professionally integrated and tested high-density Supermicro blade systems and reserve approximately 7% of the nodes and 50% of the switches as hot spares, for the fastest possible replacement in the exceptional event of an hardware failure. Our blade enclosures are fed by 10 Gbps uplinks and our customers can benefit, as a complementary service, of Serverius' high performance DDoS protection system.

Heymman Servers

All our servers are deployed with Supermicro's IPMI management interface, allowing you to seamlessly manage your server, remotely, as if you were in front of it. The IPMI control panel allows you to remotely reboot your server, access a virtual terminal (with keyboard, video and mouse support (KVM)) as well as mount (emulate) virtual medias (ISOs).

A basic DDoS mitigation service is included with all our servers in Joe's Datacenter and Serverius datacenters. This system automatically null routes IP addresses based on maximum Mbps and PPS thresholds, effectively preventing your uplink from being full by dirty incoming traffic.